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The ice cream shop

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Where is the Ice Cream Shop?

You can find us on food delivery apps like UberEats, Postmates, DoorDash and GrubHub. We have locations in most major cities but are expanding all the time.

What brands do you sell?

We sell Ben & Jerry’s, Talenti, Breyers, Magnum Ice Cream, and Good Humor. Check your delivery app of choice to see the most up-to-date selection at The Ice Cream Shop location nearest you!

I don’t see any stores near me.

You could try searching on a different delivery app, or hold tight! We’re adding more locations all the time.

Can I pick up the Ice Cream in store?

The Ice Cream Shop is delivery only! Of course, you can find these brands in most major grocery and convenience stores.

Won’t the Ice Cream arrive melted?

That won’t be an issue! We work with our delivery partners to make sure the ice cream gets from the freezer to your home quickly. Delivery usually takes less than 30 minutes, and the ice cream arrives frozen.

My favorite flavor is out of stock near me

Oh no! That must be a popular flavor near you. We’re working fast to keep everything in stock. Check back soon.

I’m unhappy with my experience with The Ice Cream Shop. Who should I talk to?

We’re so sorry about that. If your issue was with the delivery (for example your order was cancelled or late), please contact the app your ordered with! If your issue is with the quality of the ice cream, please reach out to us at consumer.services@unilever.com